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Standing Rock: Sophia Wilansky suing the FBI to get the shrapnel that used to be in her arm

Sophia Wilansky, the college student who became the most seriously injured person in the Dakota Access Pipeline conflict at Standing Rock, is now speaking publicly. The FBI is still investigating her, and she is suing them to get the shrapnel … Continue reading

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Gratitude for the Water Protectors

It’s astounding that 10,000 people converged on the open plain, with no water, food, sanitation, or housing, and worked together to make it all happen.  The first camp was started by Standing Rock youth.   Hundreds of other tribes from … Continue reading

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Time for pressure: What you can do for Standing Rock now

Shit is going down and now is the time for the general public to apply meaningful pressure. WHAT HAPPENED THESE LAST FEW DAYS Sunday night (November 20), local law enforcement deliberately doused unarmed non-violent people with water cannons in 25F … Continue reading

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