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New poll on how Native Americans experience discrimination

No real surprises here– it’s worse around reservations and Native-majority areas.  “More than half of Native Americans living on tribal lands or other majority-Native areas say they have experienced racial or ethnic discrimination when interacting with police (55 percent) and … Continue reading

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New book on the Osage murders featured on Fresh Air

In the 1920s, as many as 60 Osage, made wealthy by oil, were murdered one at a time in a complicated conspiracy to steal their money. Many were killed by their white husbands or relatives, who married them deliberately to … Continue reading

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If the Buffalo is the National Mammal, is Biological Warfare the National Military Strategy?

In an all-too-common example of revisionist history, NPR’s story of the bison becoming the “National Mammal” recounted the near-extinction of the species during American expansion while completely failing to mention that the buffalo slaughter was a deliberate military strategy in the ethnic cleansing of Native … Continue reading

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Chris Rock, the Academy Awards, and Native Americans

With the Academy Awards under scrutiny for its all-white nominations, and Chris Rock schedule to host the awards show amid boycotts (he was schedule to be the host before the nominations came out), NPR interviews the 1491s about the The Revenant … Continue reading

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