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What do Native Americans think about Elizabeth Warren?

It’s complicated. Two white politicians are in conflict. One, virulently racist and anti-Native in thought, word, and deed, verbally ridicules the other, who is an ally of Natives on most policy issues. Let’s start with the ally, Elizabeth Warren. To … Continue reading

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The Native women in the Capitol Rotunda

In the center of the US Capitol, under the iconic white dome, is a large round room called the Rotunda. There are eight niches in it, circling the room, each with an oil painting twelve feet tall and eighteen feet … Continue reading

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Going nuclear: The high school mascot of mass destruction

Much has been written about the use and social purposes of Native mascots. I summarize most of the peer-reviewed literature, 18 papers, at this blog post. Several of those papers describe how the use of mascots assert the power and … Continue reading

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Cassina tea: History and revival

Just passing on this link to an interesting article: The Forgotten Drink That Caffeinated North America for Centuries

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Malheur update: Native artifacts impacted

In the aftermath of the militia takeover, the FBI released a statement detailing their process for checking for booby traps, investigating the crime scene, and ultimately re-opening the refuge.  Their statement addressed impacts to Native artifacts: the FBI is deploying … Continue reading

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Indigenous Hawaiians seek Federal Recognition and Sovereignty

It’s a fascinating twist of history that they don’t have it already, but Native Hawaiians are now taking steps toward federal recognition and sovereignty. Culturally, this is no doubt important.  In the legal realm, however, “sovereignty” as defined by the … Continue reading

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