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When the Gila River turned the Arizona desert green

With the waters of the Gila River under threat again, most articles about the river talk about the reminiscences of Aldo Leopold or the Coolidge Dam, which impounds most of the water at San Carlos on the storied San Carlos … Continue reading

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New poll on how Native Americans experience discrimination

No real surprises here– it’s worse around reservations and Native-majority areas.  “More than half of Native Americans living on tribal lands or other majority-Native areas say they have experienced racial or ethnic discrimination when interacting with police (55 percent) and … Continue reading

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Native mascots and logos: A good op-ed from Winters, California

Though the author is not Native, this is really one of the better op-eds I’ve seen on this topic.  Thank you Debra DeAngelo.  It comes from the Davis Enterprise in northern California and is about the Winters High School Warriors … Continue reading

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Mapping Native America

There are lots of maps of Native America floating around in books and on-line, most suggesting a sea of an indigenous nation-states that was fixed in time until the Europeans arrived. In reality, these “tribes” labeled on maps were most … Continue reading

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Photography of Native Americans, past and present

Teju Cole, a Nigerian living in New York City, is one of my favorite writers and photographers. In his recent column in New York Times Magazine, he compares the portraits by Horace Poolaw, Kiowa, with those by Edward Curtis.  Poolaw’s … Continue reading

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The Indigenous Vote: Blue Islands on a Red Prairie

Native Americans voted overwhelmingly against Donald Trump, consistent with their previous support for Barack Obama.  In a review of 24 of the most Native American counties in the nation, it is clear that the more Native Americans there are in … Continue reading

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