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Native mascots and logos: A good op-ed from Winters, California

Though the author is not Native, this is really one of the better op-eds I’ve seen on this topic.  Thank you Debra DeAngelo.  It comes from the Davis Enterprise in northern California and is about the Winters High School Warriors … Continue reading

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Another Genocide Banner at a Football Game

This seems to happen at least once every fall.  Yet another reason why ethnic groups should not be mascots.  Full story is here. Imagine a high school whose mascot was Jews, and opposing teams could say “Get Ready for a … Continue reading

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New Landmark Book Documents Genocide by Design in California

A recently published book, An American Genocide: The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe, 1846-1873 by Benjamin Madley, provides a thorough and exhaustive review of the well-documented but poorly-known genocide of Native Americans in California, primarily after the Gold Rush.  Madley … Continue reading

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Trump vs Hillary: Explicit vs Implicit Racism

On point analysis here by Mark Charles, Navajo correspondent for Native News Online. A Native Response to Hillary Clinton’s “Off the Reservation” Comment    

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Bernie’s attention to Native issues is unprecedented

Bernie Sanders appointed a respected Native advocate as his adviser on Native issues– and it appears she’s doing a good job and he is listening to her.  It’s hard to think of a presidential candidate– ever– that gave such attention … Continue reading

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Trump: anti-Denali and full of racist imagery

Presidential candidate and National Idiot Donald Trump recently stated that changing the US government’s official name of the continent’s highest mountain from McKinley to Denali (which is what all the locals call it anyway) was “a great insult to Ohio” … Continue reading

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Malheur update: Native artifacts impacted

In the aftermath of the militia takeover, the FBI released a statement detailing their process for checking for booby traps, investigating the crime scene, and ultimately re-opening the refuge.  Their statement addressed impacts to Native artifacts: the FBI is deploying … Continue reading

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