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Pioneer landmarks: Celebrating and denying ethnic cleansing

So my white friend is on a road trip and posting pics on Facebook. He likes history, so inevitably we start seeing those ubiquitous historical markers of pioneer struggles. Here’s just one example. Read it. It’s typical. The historical markers … Continue reading

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The US at the abyss: What did we learn from the child separation policy?

After several weeks of shock, horror, tears, and rage, we are back from the abyss of war crimes and a level of racial terrorism that seemed unimaginable since the Civil Rights Era. Make no mistake, this was a defining moment … Continue reading

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If the Buffalo is the National Mammal, is Biological Warfare the National Military Strategy?

In an all-too-common example of revisionist history, NPR’s story of the bison becoming the “National Mammal” recounted the near-extinction of the species during American expansion while completely failing to mention that the buffalo slaughter was a deliberate military strategy in the ethnic cleansing of Native … Continue reading

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Andrew Jackson to come off $20 bill!

Breaking news from the Obama Administration:  Apparently they plan to take the Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill and replace him with a woman.  This was much discussed a year ago, although the primary target was the much less-used $10 … Continue reading

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Will the GOP Deny Trump his Manifest Destiny?

The Republican Party faces an epic meltdown:  either they yield to the redneck zombie apocalypse brought on by Donald Trump, or they face a brokered convention.  With Trump’s loss in Ohio, the latter is now more likely. Here are a … Continue reading

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