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The Native women in the Capitol Rotunda

In the center of the US Capitol, under the iconic white dome, is a large round room called the Rotunda. There are eight niches in it, circling the room, each with an oil painting twelve feet tall and eighteen feet … Continue reading

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ISIS’s “Theology of Rape” is Nothing New to Native Americans; It Happened Here

On August 14, the New York Times published an article describing how ISIS uses their Islamic beliefs to justify rape and sex slavery.  The story explains how ISIS soldiers pray before and after each rape, and even go to the … Continue reading

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On this date… October 18, 1540… Alabama

The bloodiest battle between Europeans and Native Americans took place on this date in 1540 in Alabama.  De Soto’s army had been rampaging through the southeast, stripping villages of their entire winter stores of food, kidnapping political leaders, chopping off … Continue reading

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