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Supreme Court’s ruling against North Dakota Natives may decide the Senate

In a critical decision that may very well effect control of the US Senate, the US Supreme Court today rejected an emergency appeal by Native Americans in North Dakota regarding their ability to vote in November. Control of the Senate … Continue reading

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Vote– except if you’re a Native in North Dakota

After Standing Rock, Republicans in the “Deep North” are taking no chances. In April, the Republican-dominated North Dakota legislature passed, and the Republican governor signed, a bill that required voter identification to include a residential street address. As the Native … Continue reading

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The Native women in the Capitol Rotunda

In the center of the US Capitol, under the iconic white dome, is a large round room called the Rotunda. There are eight niches in it, circling the room, each with an oil painting twelve feet tall and eighteen feet … Continue reading

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Relocated Bad River Chippewa town now a model for climate change adaptation

From NPR: Wisconsin Reservation Offers A Climate Success Story And A Warning The town wasn’t moving because of climate change, per se, but as people moved out of the flood plain, rainstorms were getting more frequent and severe. There have … Continue reading

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How to stop mega wildfires: Adopt Native land management practices

Re-posing from my other blog: California apocalypse again: Large wildfires increasing with climate change

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Birders detect dramatic changes as Davis climate warms

[A version of this was originally published in the Davis Enterprise.] In 2002, the cover of The New York Times Magazine featured a silhouetted man standing on frosty mauve ice and staring through binoculars into a rosy polar sky. The … Continue reading

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Going nuclear: The high school mascot of mass destruction

Much has been written about the use and social purposes of Native mascots. I summarize most of the peer-reviewed literature, 18 papers, at this blog post. Several of those papers describe how the use of mascots assert the power and … Continue reading

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