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Haiti: Nation of slaves

To understand Haiti’s poverty, one must understand its history. It is often said that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It is—and it’s not even close. This is because Haiti is also one of the most exploited … Continue reading

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Trump guts Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Years ago, Chevron came out with a series of commercials showing them going out of their way to protect wildlife and the environment. These ads would invariably conclude with a question like, “Do people stop work on an oil pipeline … Continue reading

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When the Gila River turned the Arizona desert green

With the waters of the Gila River under threat again, most articles about the river talk about the reminiscences of Aldo Leopold or the Coolidge Dam, which impounds most of the water at San Carlos on the storied San Carlos … Continue reading

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An EPA separation letter from a major acid mine site

In the course of my work, I’m involved with the cleanup of a massive open pit mine that has been leaching acid mine waste into nearby rivers and streams for most of a century, killing everything in it. No fish, … Continue reading

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Standing Rock: Sophia Wilansky suing the FBI to get the shrapnel that used to be in her arm

Sophia Wilansky, the college student who became the most seriously injured person in the Dakota Access Pipeline conflict at Standing Rock, is now speaking publicly. The FBI is still investigating her, and she is suing them to get the shrapnel … Continue reading

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Alcohol, suicide, and resistance at Pine Ridge featured in new videos

Following the struggles of Lakota teenager George Dull Knife for four years, a new documentary examines recent protests of American Indian Movement (AIM) activists to shut down the four bars in Whiteclay, Nebraska. This town of fourteen people existed solely to sell … Continue reading

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