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Land acknowledgement: Covington Catholic High School, Park Hills, Kentucky

I said I’d do a land acknowledgment for every place I stayed this year. I started with my home. I’m adding one more: Covington Catholic High School, located on Dixie Highway in Park Hills, Kentucky, a wealthy suburb of Cincinnati, … Continue reading

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The smug face of white privilege

That smug face that brims with confidence. It has a smirk that says I will win. I’ve already won. I cheat to win. I can buy the judge, buy the cops, write the rules, make the laws. I create alternative … Continue reading

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America, meet the real Pocahontas

These facts are well-documented: Pocahontas was kidnapped by the men of Jamestown. Then, while in captivity, she was impregnated by and married to one of her captors, John Rolfe. Like one of the Boko Haram girls. He took her to … Continue reading

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What do Native Americans think about Elizabeth Warren?

It’s complicated. Two white politicians are in conflict. One, virulently racist and anti-Native in thought, word, and deed, verbally ridicules the other, who is an ally of Natives on most policy issues. Let’s start with the ally, Elizabeth Warren. To … Continue reading

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