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Birders detect dramatic changes as Davis climate warms

[A version of this was originally published in the Davis Enterprise.] In 2002, the cover of The New York Times Magazine featured a silhouetted man standing on frosty mauve ice and staring through binoculars into a rosy polar sky. The … Continue reading

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Going nuclear: The high school mascot of mass destruction

Much has been written about the use and social purposes of Native mascots. I summarize most of the peer-reviewed literature, 18 papers, at this blog post. Several of those papers describe how the use of mascots assert the power and … Continue reading

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The recovery of the bald eagle: An American success story

The population of the bald eagle, the US national bird that is also much revered by Native Americans, reflects political trends in the US. In the latter parts of the 1900s, the bald eagle faced extinction, or at least extirpation … Continue reading

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