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If the Buffalo is the National Mammal, is Biological Warfare the National Military Strategy?

In an all-too-common example of revisionist history, NPR’s story of the bison becoming the “National Mammal” recounted the near-extinction of the species during American expansion while completely failing to mention that the buffalo slaughter was a deliberate military strategy in the ethnic cleansing of Native … Continue reading

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Bernie at Pine Ridge

Bernie Sanders visited Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota yesterday and was received with great affection. Pine Ridge, with a life expectancy lower than Haiti’s 49 years, is one of the poorest places in the Western Hemisphere.  If there … Continue reading

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Trump vs Hillary: Explicit vs Implicit Racism

On point analysis here by Mark Charles, Navajo correspondent for Native News Online. A Native Response to Hillary Clinton’s “Off the Reservation” Comment    

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