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Trump: anti-Denali and full of racist imagery

Presidential candidate and National Idiot Donald Trump recently stated that changing the US government’s official name of the continent’s highest mountain from McKinley to Denali (which is what all the locals call it anyway) was “a great insult to Ohio” … Continue reading

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Malheur update: Native artifacts impacted

In the aftermath of the militia takeover, the FBI released a statement detailing their process for checking for booby traps, investigating the crime scene, and ultimately re-opening the refuge.  Their statement addressed impacts to Native artifacts: the FBI is deploying … Continue reading

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Re-post: Malheur is now free of militants

Here is my original post on the occupation.  

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Chris Rock, the Academy Awards, and Native Americans

With the Academy Awards under scrutiny for its all-white nominations, and Chris Rock schedule to host the awards show amid boycotts (he was schedule to be the host before the nominations came out), NPR interviews the 1491s about the The Revenant … Continue reading

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