A Facebook Discussion Puts the Makah Whale Hunt on Trial

Memories of the People

thunderbird1There are just a few days left to comment on granting permission to the Makah to resume their hunt of the gray whale.  Summary information is available here.   Written comment on the alternatives will be accepted at makah2015deis.wcr@noaa.gov.  THE DEADLINE IS JULY 31 (this Friday).

See this video for the Makah perspective and their reflection on the controversial 1999 hunt.  They describe how the whale hunt has enormous community value (one guy even stopped substance abuse) and is biologically responsible in terms of the whale population (which they avoided for decades because of depressed populations from excessive white hunting).  They do not mention a subsistence need, and indeed describe all the other seafood they eat.

On Facebook I was able to observe a discussion of the Makah plans by a group of whale biologists, environmentalists, liberals, and animal rights activists.  Some sympathized with the Makah, some were torn, and…

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