Unprotecting Sacred Land in Arizona UPDATE

oakflat1President Eisenhower specifically protected this land from mining.  The current Republican-controlled Congress is poised to sell it off to a foreign mining company.  Watch the video. 

UPDATE Mar 2016:  President Obama has blocked the sale of the land to the foreign mining company by declaring it a historical landmark!

UPDATE Dec 2014:  This land exchange legislation was buried in the defense funding bill.   It was passed by Congress and signed by President Obama on December 19, 2014.  The Oak Flat land exchange deal did not rate important enough for Obama to veto the bill and demand a clean version.

ResolutionMineThe company that will mine the area is called Resolution Copper Mining.  They are a subsidiary of Rio Tinto, a British/Australian multinational corporation that takes its name from a river in Spain that runs orange with acid mine drainage, making it unsuitable for life.  Resolution’s website provides details of their Mine Plan of Operations.  The section Volume 1 Figures provides many maps of the impacted areas, such as the one here (click map to see full size).

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