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On this date… Thanksgiving, 1621… Massachusetts

Originally posted on Memories of the People:
Here is the original account of the first Thanksgiving. But first, a little context.  The Pilgrims arrived the previous December, finally settling in the abandoned Indian village of Patuxet.  A year or two…

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“Wounded Knee: A Line in the Sand”

While all eyes are on Ferguson (deservedly so), here comes an exciting request on Kickstarter to complete a documentary about the Wounded Knee stand-off in 1973.  Like Ferguson, it is another story from America’s underclass of a racial struggle to … Continue reading

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Rosebud Sioux Declare Keystone XL Pipeline an Act of War

This is getting interesting, especially since the current planned route passes thru their reservation.

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Twelve Things More Offensive than the Washington Redsk*ns

Much has been written about the problems associated with team mascot names like the Redsk*ns—their derogatory history, their effect on indigenous youth, and the inevitable offensive chants and signs from fans of opposing teams (e.g. “scalp the Redsk*ns”, etc.). Thanks … Continue reading

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On this date… November 6, 1755… Pennsylvania

On this date in 1755, the Delaware leader Shingas paused at the mouth of Loyalhanna Creek during his raids on English homesteads and addressed his prisoners: “I do not want to carry on the war against the English and am … Continue reading

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On this date… November 3, 1875… Washington, D.C.

On this date in 1875, President Ulysses Grant contrived a war to steal the Black Hills. George Bush II contrived a war. He said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but what they really had was oil. The Lakota, or … Continue reading

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