On this date… September 25, 1714… New York

Three years and three days after the start of the Tuscarora War, on this date, the Five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy negotiated the safe passage of the surviving refugees from North Carolina to New York.  The Iroquois informed the governor of New York: 

“We acquaint you that the Tuscarore Indians are come to shelter themselves among the five nations they were of us and went from us long ago and are now returned and promise to live peaceably among us and since there is peace now every where we have received them, do give a Belt of Wampum, we desire you to look upon the Tuscarores that are come to live among us as our Children who shall obey our commands & live peaceably and orderly.” 

The Tuscarora were then accepted as the Sixth Nation of the Confederacy.  

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